Off to a Juicy start…

The No Leftovers Malta campaign has only recently been launched, but it has been developing in the minds and conversations of its creators for quite a while.  

For both Hazel and Isabelle, being lovers of food does not only mean going to restaurants and appreciating good food, it also means being conscientious and understanding that food is an important life source that should not be taken for granted; and more importantly- that it should be accessible to everyone no matter what.

Food is everywhere, and it is a constant reminder that in this day and age of consumerism, there is also a wide gap between what is made accessible and what is not. What is being consumed, and what is being thrown away.

By connecting people together, these gaps can be narrowed. MHREC’s aims are to educate and disseminate its ideals on the human right to food whilst also bringing together various stakeholders in order to make its ideals a reality.

On Tuesday the 14th of September, a beautiful batch of 3600 bottles of lemon and orange juice were donated to the Franciscan Welfare Association. They have been doing a fantastic job at distributing food and helping to make the human right to food truly accessible to everyone. Thanks to our wonderful donor and our helpers, we have also contributed in this ideal- whilst also having the best time loading and unloading bottles and making new friends!

 It was a beautiful start to a journey that aspires to bring a fairer and more sustainable future.

Please contact us if you would like to contribute on

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