No Leftovers Malta – We can do more

No Leftovers Malta has proven to be a great opportunity for learning, networking and future collaborations. As planned, a Facebook group was established and  the MHREC contacted food suppliers and organizations for food donations. A contact database for future collaboration and learning was created and has proven to be very useful as MHREC continues to be in contact with several individuals and organisations. Through networking we are able to learn their processes and best practices. 

On an occasion, the MHREC met with the Franciscan Welfare Association and facilitated the donation of 3,600 bottles of juices. The MHREC website also includes a report and information repository titled Brain Food

The MHREC also had the opportunity to expand on its original plan as it is liaising with the Foodbank (Malta) and Olio (International app) in the hopes of publishing feature articles on the MHREC website to further educate the public and inspire change.

As the project continues to open new doors and possibilities, MHREC have decided to extend the initiative beyond its original timeline as it is slowly coming to fruition.

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