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As the MHREC aims to be a hub for the dissemination of knowledge on Human Rights principles and ideals, we understand that we need to have individuals and even groups participate and involve themselves to fully realize this aim.

Do you share our hopes and dreams for a better future ? There are multiple ways how you can get involved with MHREC today.

Interested in checking out membership? Head over here to learn more about the various types and immediately apply.

Feel very passionately about Human Rights and education and want to have a more participatory role than ‘just’ a member? Head over here or get in touch as we would be happy to hear your suggestions and see how we can incorporate them and possibly you into the ever growing team.

Last but certainly not the least, are you looking to donate to the MHREC and help our messages and ideals make a bigger and further impact? Get in touch as we would be happy and grateful to share with you how your donation can make a difference.

Otherwise, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us from the Contact Us tab!