meet rena!

Hi, my name is Rena Suzuki:) I am a student volunteer at MHREC through DegreePlus. I am a third year undergraduate student in Japan, Chuo University, majoring in political science/law. I was born in Japan, then spent 6 years in Michigan and graduated high school in the U.S.  I was involved in a volunteering organizationContinue reading “meet rena!”

Robotics Discussion Evening

On Friday 22nd October 2021, the MHREC hosted a discussion on Robotics, where 5 participants were respondents on an interactive platform on the role of Artificial Intelligence in society. The discussion kicked off with a question on what A.I. means to different people, and what attributes
are connected to it.

MHREC’s First Quiz Night

On Wednesday 27th October, MHREC held its first ever Quiz Night! Thank you to all family, friends and members who joined! We are grateful for your support and it is with this support that we can reach MHREC’s aim of the teaching and dissemination of human rights ideals and principles.

No Leftovers Malta & ESDW

As a registered initiative with the ESDW, we are part of a large European community of event organizers for initiatives on sustainable development for the good of everyone!

Off to a Juicy start…

Read about how the MHREC was able to support the delivery of 3600 bottles of juices. A great example of what we are hoping to achieve. Get in touch if you can support this initiative.

Brain Food A collection of reports and guides for a better understanding of what we are working on with the No Leftovers Malta project. Check back over the next weeks to learn more about about the Sustainable Development Goals, Food Waste Reduction and much more! We hope this helps you understand a bit more asContinue reading


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