Racism & Sports

Welcome back to Running4Rights week! Today we will be tackling racism within sports. Unfortunately racism and racial discrimination continues to be present in every day life including in sports. The European Commission Against Racism and Intolerance (ECRI)’s General Policy Recommendation No. 12 seeks to help Council of Europe Member States to combat racism as wellContinue reading “Racism & Sports”

Right to Health

Welcome back to Running4Rights week ! As we mentioned, the right to health is an inclusive right, this means that there are several factors that contribute to leading healthy lives. Health facilities, goods and services must be: accessible i.e. affordable, within physical reach non-discriminative; available in sufficient quantity for the population to avail of it; acceptableContinue reading “Right to Health”

Brain Food

The Running4Rights week continues! Check out a collection of articles and guides for a better understanding of links between human rights, physical activity and health Don’t forget that you can run/walk/cycle/swim at your own pace for Running4Rights, wherever, whenever you want between the 1st and 8th May 2022. Please do sign up here. Check inContinue reading “Brain Food”

Earth Day

Loss of biodiversity, climate change, extinction of species, pollution and the overall degradation of the earth´s ecosystems have a profound global impact on the enjoyment of human rights and require the widest possible cooperation by all. Earth Day is an annual event on April 22 to demonstrate support for environmental protection. First held in 1970 in theContinue reading “Earth Day”

MHREC’s Running4Rights

Check out our educational post collections to highlight the importance of human rights, health and physical education:


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