World Science Day for Peace and Development

10th of November 2020

In commemorating World Science Day for Peace and Development we reiterate the importance of science as a tool which is accessible and inclusive to all. Informing every citizen on the developments in Science has to be a priority, especially in light of a global pandemic.

Scientific information is a human right as established in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in Article 27 (1). This implies that the benefits of scientific advancement should be shared openly, free from restrictions by social groups or corporate entities, as well as governments.

Now more than ever, scientists play an important role in broadening our understanding of the remarkable world we live in. For a sustainable and safe future, their expert voices should take priority over any political agenda or profit. The UNESCO Science Report ‘Towards 2030’ aims to ensure a sustainable future, holding that science is the key to ‘providing innovative solutions to the challenges humanity faces on the pathway to sustainable development.’

By taking a human rights approach to science, inequalities are analyzed and discriminatory practices and unjust power relations which are often at the heart of development problems are addressed, leading to better and more sustainable outcomes.

Resources for further reading:

UNESCO’s Draft Recommendation for Open Science:

Science and Equality of Opportunity Paper by Marcia McNutt:

Act now! Do something today to contribute to a sustainable future.

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