MHREC Learns: MCVS Enisie Training

Earlier in the year, the Malta Council for the Voluntary Sector, under the provision of Interreg Italia-Malta ENISIE project announced that they will be implementing a number of free professional services to Voluntary Organisations. At MHREC we did not hesitate to register for the various info sessions as it is very important that as an organisation we keep ourselves informed and strengthen our skills as the organisation grows.

Here are some of the info sessions that MHREC has attended or plans to attend in the following weeks.

Networking and building Partnership – Wednesday 30th March Volunteer Management – Wednesday 13th April
Risk Management – Wednesday 20th April
Accounts management (Finances) – Wednesday 11th May
Annual Returns (OCVO) – Wednesday 18th May
Social Media Management + Marketing Information – Wednesday 25th May
Strategic Planning – Wednesday 8th June

More information can be found on MCVS facebook page.

As you can see, our Wednesdays are sorted for the time being!

Let us know if you, as a member of the organisation, volunteer or merely an interested reader, are interested to learn more about MHREC and its responsibilities and would be interested to attend the info sessions with us.

Don’t forget to check out our blog series MHREC Learns for other trainings that MHREC and its members take part in.

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