Youth Network: TolerSpace & Anne Frank Youth Network Watch Party

On 20th February 2023, MHREC joined the Anne Frank Youth Network for a Watch Party with co-hosts partners Освітній центр “Простір толерантності” Tolerspace.

Tolerspace’s mission is to overcome prejudice and strengthen human dignity, through creating safe space to teach teenagers and youth resilience in a changing world.

The focus of this Watch Party was education through social media in times of war.

During the watch party we watched several clips that demonstrated the great use of social media as an educational tool during the time of war. Tolerspace are an example of a NGO that have not only welcomed social media as educational tool but really got ahead of the game and used platforms such as Tiktok to engage with youth.

Tolerspace shared clips from their social media pages that included youth’s experiences during the current context of the war in Ukraine. 

MHREC youth members had the opportunity to share their thoughts and feelings after watching some clips.

It was a great opportunity to join the new season of Watch Parties with Anne Frank Youth Network and Friends. And you heard it here first, next month MHREC has the great opportunity to organise and co-host its own watch party! Be sure to check out our Youth Network page as well as social media for more information closer to the date.

After the watch party, we had the opportunity to share more about opportunities to collaborate with MHREC through University of Malta, MCAST and Youth Volunteer Service. If you are passionate about human rights and can share your time and skills, we would love to hear from you.

We were also excited to see so many interested youths join our event in Valletta. We recognized some faces as well as welcomed new ones. We are very encouraged by the commitment and interest of youths and look forward to all continued and new collaborations.

We hope to see you at our next Youth Network activity! Don’t forget to register on the Youth Network page to be kept up to date.

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