Meet our Volunteers!

MHREC is happy to introduce its fantastic team of volunteers for the year 2022/2023. Keep on reading to find out more about them and see what they have to say!


Hi! My name is Nicole. I am a 20-year-old student, currently sitting for my third year in the Bachelor of Law at the University of Malta. I am very passionate about Human Rights, European Union law, and International Law and aspire to become a lawyer as my profession. My ambition for my career is to work in the areas of Human Rights and Constitutional law.  I am a very positive and open-minded person. I am excited to learn new things. 

I am very excited to get the opportunity to work with the amazing team of MHREC. As a new joiner, I aspire to help them educate people on their rights and duties and the benefits of their knowledge.


Hi, I’m Michael, I am 23 years old and currently reading for the Masters of Dental Surgery course. I developed a keen interest in sciences at an early age, quickly deciding to set my academic and working life in that field.

While over the years I came to the conclusion that the field of dentistry suits me best, my interest in other areas remained. Through the years I made it an aim of mine to work in the most varied fields to gain experience and I finally find myself fortunately working with MHREC, an NGO dedicated to human rights. Something which I hold highly in my life and feel all of us should as we should all be equal before the law.


Hi, I’m Joy. A 17-year-old Junior College Student; focusing my studies on Social Sciences (Psychology & Sociology) and English. I plan on resuming and specialising my studies in Psychology next year, in University, in hopes of eventually graduating as a Psychologist.

With this passion stemming from being an avid lover of Literature, I’m also an author and poetess; with a published book and others still in progress or in my pipeline.

Being an LGBTQ+ youth myself, human rights have always been close to my heart. MHREC is the perfect organization for me to advocate freedom and appropriate treatment for everyone; as I have been so passionate about doing, even in my writings.


Hi! I am Mariella, one of the volunteers at the Malta Human Rights Education Centre (MHREC). I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Maltese and Psychology and then completed a one-year course in Higher Diploma in Psychology at the University of Malta. I am close to obtaining a master’s degree in Human Rights Law and Practice at the University of Malta. Moreover, I have worked as a community development worker for the past three years.

Volunteering at MHREC has been an excellent opportunity to expand my skills achieved through my present job and further the knowledge gained through my studies. Together with the team, I aspire to educate people and raise awareness of current social and legal issues. I look forward to working and witnessing MHREC’s growth! 

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