TIS Funding: MHREC Selected

October has been quite the month for MHREC. From extending our No Leftover Initiative, to our participation in a Robotics Consultation as well as to our first Quiz Night! November is looking to be just as exciting as we received news that a proposal of ours was selected for funding!

We are pleased to announce that MHREC’s proposal was selected for the Training Initiatives Scheme (TIS) of the Malta Council for the Voluntary Sector (MCVS).

One of the main priorities of the MCVS is to encourage Voluntary Organisations (VO) to invest in training and capacity building, of their members, volunteers and administrators focusing on strengthening the capability of Voluntary Organisations as part of the process of building the potential of voluntary organisations to respond to the needs of the community they serve. TIS has several objectives including to provide volunteers with opportunity to improve their skills to efficiently, skilfully and ethically support a volunteer organisation, raise the professionalism of services implemented by VOs as well as raise awareness.

Our proposal was the virtual beginners’ training on project development for VO. The training consists of a total of 20 training hours. The topics that will be covered include the following: The project cycle; Problem Tree analysis; Logical Frameworks; Searching for funding relevant for our Voluntary Organisation and Building good project partnerships.

As an eligibility requirement as well as a networking opportunity, MHREC reached out to Tayar Foundation for Jewish Heritage in Malta (TFJHM) and they agreed to collaborate with us on the proposal. They are a newly established organisation aiming to preserve and promote Jewish heritage and history in Malta. TFJHM’s first event is the Anne Frank exhibition to be held in March/April 2022. 

KOPIN shall be implementing partner. KOPIN which stands for Koperazzjoni Internazzjonali, works towards international development cooperation and works in tandem with civil society organisations and NGOs in Malta, Europe, and Africa, on various projects aimed at raising awareness about the role of each individual as a global citizen, as well as the intrinsic values of the role, and to contribute towards the empowerment of developing communities. 

We are very excited to begin our training and strengthen what we hope will be a long lasting cooperation with TFJHM and KOPIN.

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