Meet Elijah!

Elijah has joined MHREC’s volunteers’ team for 2023.

My name is Elijah a citizen of Nigeria, have a degree in adult education and economics. Currently studying for a second degree in (marketing and public policy) at the University of Malta. My hobbies are playing and watching football and a fan of Manchester United. I have worked with several companies and also been a high school and primary school teacher back in my country. I love exploring and traveling alot and in October 20 2022 I was among the youth that protested about the ongoing bad governance in Nigeria. 

I am so happy to be in Malta and joining the MHREC team in order to gain more knowledge about human rights and also be able to impact meaningfully in the life of others around the world where I plan to travel to in the coming future. I know I will learn a lot with the MHREC team and can not wait to begin my quest as a volunteer with the MHREC team. 

 My goal is to live a life worthy in the eyes of the creator and also impact positively in every humans life that I come across with and educate them more about their rights as a human… 

When asked if he would like to share a picture of himself, Elijah shared that it would be more precious to share a picture of his late mother.

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