Meet Moon!

Moon has joined MHREC’s volunteers’ team for 2023.

Hi, My name is Moon Sum. I am double-majoring in Political Science and Critical Identity Studies at Beloit College, Wisconsin, USA.  I am very passionate about bringing awareness to social issues. I improved my understanding and skills by working with several nongovernmental organizations and governmental ministries, including the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, the United Nations in Cambodia, the JENESYS Exchange Program, the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport, and ‘The Perspectives Cambodia’ to improve standards of living for people, raise awareness about basic human rights and provide the best help for social justices to marginalized people, including women and children.

In 2019, I led 6 Cambodian university students to raise awareness for freedom of expression in Cambodia’s higher education institutions. And in the summer of 2022, I spent my time running a SHE-CAN Make A Change project to empower women in higher education. In the meantime I also completed a summer fellowship with the Institute for Nonprofit Practice. 

Currently, I am studying at the University of Malta as a semester visiting student. I would like to learn more about Malta by working with MHREC and engaging myself with the local community. I would like to spread love and educate people about their rights. One thing I value the most is to be able to live a life that benefits others.

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