In Progress – Taking Action: Youth Network

As previously mentioned MHREC is currently implementing the initiative Taking Action: Youth Network. It is aimed at Sixth Form Students and youth who will form part of a youth network of the MHREC. This project will contribute to a more inclusive society and non-traditional learning of societal issues and positive action whilst supporting those undertaking their Systems of Knowledge project.

Participants have been given the opportunity to learn, discuss and understand issues as taught in the Online Learning Tool: Stories That Move: A Toolbox Against Discrimination. This learning tool was developed by the Anne Frank House along with other European partners and has won a United Nations award for Education. 

During July and August participants had attended information sessions on human rights and discrimination before learning how to implement their own ‘taking action’ project or campaign in order to put into action what they have learnt and create positive change and awareness in society on a human rights issue of their choosing. Check out some of the projects the youth and MHREC trainers are currently implementing:

Say no to racism

Womens Rights – Youth Malta


Rights Quest: A Memory Game

Check back over the next few days to learn more about each action!

Should you be interested in participating in a future intake, do let us know by email on or get in touch below:

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