MHREC Learns: MOOC on the European Solidarity Corps

Over the month of June, MHREC participated in a Massive Open Online Course on the European Solidarity Corps through HOP online learning web site. The online course was coordinated by the Irish National Agency for Erasmus+ in partnership with Croatian, German, Greek, Italian, Lithuanian and Portuguese National Agencies and European Solidarity Corps Resource Centre.

For the first edition of the online course, focus was placed on 4 main objectives:

1.   learning the essentials of the European Solidarity Corps;

2.   discovering the format and practice of Volunteering projects;

3.   discovering the essence of the Solidarity project and the main steps to start it;

4.   networking among course participants.

Therefore it comes as no surprise that we gained essential knowledge and understanding of the key features of the European Solidarity Corps and local Solidarity projects and the opportunities it has to offer. As well as about the essentials of the volunteering concept and understanding about the pathways of a volunteer through the European Solidarity Corps volunteering action.

We look forward to putting our acquired knowledge and skills into organising opportunities for youths in Malta.

Check out the badges we earned below through HOP online learning web site:

Don’t forget to check out our blog series MHREC Learns for other trainings that we undergo as we develop.

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