Meet Alannah!

My name is Alannah and I am a student volunteer at the Malta Human Rights Education Centre from the University of Malta. I am currently on Erasmus in Malta, from the University of Limerick in Ireland. I am in my third year of an undergraduate degree in Law with Public Administration and Leadership.

I have always had an interest in volunteering, from being involved in my local animal shelter from a young age, to volunteering at my local elderly centre, and fundraising for Meningitis Research Foundation. When I came to University, I had the opportunity to expand on my interests and learn about Human Rights law. A topic I have continued to study at the University of Malta.

Through my studies at university as well as the practical experience through volunteering, I am excited to put my passion for education and human rights into practice during my time at the MHREC. Volunteering at the MHREC is a fantastic opportunity for any student not only to help spread awareness of human rights, which is very rewarding, but also to learn more about human rights and develop research skills in this area.

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