The Malta Human Rights Education Centre was founded in 2020 on the small Mediterranean island of Malta.

Three friends decided to fuse their passion and knowledge of human rights, International Relations and NGOs to create a hub for the dissemination of knowledge on human rights principles and ideals.

Why do this? Our motivations were to promote a culture of human rights in a society that values, respects and promotes the dignity of its people. We believe that the only way to achieve this is first and foremost to have an open discussion with all stakeholders of society and to create a space for learning on human rights principles and values.

Like this we can bring human rights closer to the very subjects they deal with. Its goals are to bring to light human rights concepts to the public and educate right-holders and duty-bearers, to foster an environment for open discussion through non traditional pedagogical methods and through quality blended learning whilst bringing in the expert and inspiring voices.

Noting that there is an implementation gap between human rights law and what is tries to achieve versus human rights education that is realized on the ground, MHREC seeks to bridge this gap.

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