Meet Rena!

Hi, my name is Rena 🙂

I am a student volunteer at MHREC through DegreePlus. I am a third year undergraduate student in Japan, Chuo University, majoring in political science/law. I was born in Japan, then spent 6 years in Michigan and graduated high school in the U.S. 

I was involved in a volunteering organization called AFS as a facilitator that worked with highschool students from all over Asia who were given scholarships to study in Japan. I also worked as an instructor in private English Conversation institutes; Statestreet, and Hunter English Conversation School. 

I experienced how reverse culturalism can affect in such a drastic way in terms of yourself-being. That is why I am very passionate about immigration and education, that the language and the social norm that is wrapped in the term ‘culture’ is very complex, and that is where the exploitation and retaliation originates. 

I am very excited to advocate the awareness of human rights that it is not just something that happens to ‘someone else’ but it happens to everyone in every corner you see.

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