Meet the team

Isabelle Cremona:

After graduating as a Doctor of Laws at the University of Malta, Isabelle moved to the United Kingdom to study for a Master of Laws specializing in Human Rights Law at the University of Nottingham. After graduating, she was offered an internship at the Educational Department of the Anne Frank Foundation in Amsterdam. Within the Educational Department she worked on various international human rights educational projects in different countries, and was also part of the team that created a United Nations’ award winning online learning tool called ‘Stories that Move’, where she helped create learning material online that teaches on discrimination, equality and human rights. In 2017 she moved back to Malta and started working as a human rights lawyer, whilst also reading for a Masters of Arts in English at the University of Malta where she focused her studies on literature as a cultural tool to investigate and engage with human rights in society.  

Hazel Rafferty:

Hazel studied B.European Studies at the University of Malta and spent a semester at the University of Szeged, Hungary. Fuelled with a yearning to learn more she moved to Scotland as she enrolled at the University of St.Andrews for a M.Litt Terrorism Studies. She then attended the University of Malta for a MA in Diplomatic Studies. Her passion and interest in learning is still very much present today and she regularly signs up for university night classes, e-courses and seminars on her own initiative. With professional experience in the private (financial and legal sectors) and public (Maltese and EU agencies and embassies) spheres and a focus on project management, Hazel continues to apply all that she has learnt in all that she does. Recently relocating to Malta from Jordan, her current job is providing support to projects partly funded by EU grants during the selection, implementation and closing stages.

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